We hope you agree that Gemini People better reflects who we are than Search ever did. We're all about the people: we're all about you. You're our ideas, our partners, our success and our future.
We speak human, not jargon and we actually listen, rather than robotically regurgitate information. We're people who work to make people happy at work. So that's why we changed our name.
And we do think now we are more you. Along with our new name, we've also changed a few other things. Most importantly, they're things that benefit you. For instance, at Gemini People, we pair like-minds. What does this mean? Well most recruiters talk about finding the right job: but we don't feel that's enough for you. We go further and find your like-minds. People who are on your wavelength, who become inspiring mentors, not just colleagues and bosses.
This all starts with us pairing you with a like-minded consultant, who gets you and your market because they're specialists in your area – we call them your Gemini Partner. They have specialist knowledge and an extensive network in your industry, so will understand what you want, and who you'll fit with. We also have specialist consultants covering both permanent and freelance roles, so if you're after more stability or more flexibility, we can help you. Wherever you are in your career, whether you're after a new job or just some advice, chat to your Gemini Partner.
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So recommend a friend in our PEOPLE LIKE YOU scheme, and if we pair them successfully, we'll say thank you with a £200 Selfridges voucher.
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